Advanced production facilities, professional management systems, precision inspection equipments and qualified work force are the quality assurance aspects that guarantee our product quality. Every product passes strict quality checks at each manufacturing stage to ensure that buyer receive absolutely flawless products. Our policy is to attain and exceed the standard expected by our valued customers. This can be achieved by continuous improvement programmed in process discipline, manufacturing method and quality system.

Through continuous perseverance of Quality Assurance programme, the Company renews its commitment to ensure reliable quality at a competitive price and in turn earns customer satisfaction.

In order to accomplish this, the company strives:

  • To detect and prevent any non-conformance during production and implement the means to prevent its recurrence.
  • To upgrade technology and improve techniques, systems, procedures and to carry out continuous innovation to meet changing customer needs.
  • To create most congenial and healthy working environment for attainment of quality goals with excellence.
  • To develop highly motivated and skilled human resources imbued with strong sense of values and commitment to quality.
  • Also perform continuous laboratory tests and undertakes quality assurance measures wherever necessary to subscribe and sustain the standards of excellence.

Product Identification

Our  ensures traceability and individual product identity. Each lot number has a distinct data sheet attached to it at the production end, from where the product details such as its chemical composition, manufacturing date, alloy, die number and the staff responsible for the lot can be identified.

Once the Quality Assurance Dept. gives clearance, the product is sent through an automatic packing conveyor that ensures online spiral wrapping with stretch wrapping film, weighing, packing it in wooden boxes according to the customer’s requirement. The modes of packing are customized as per the customer’s requirements.